Polyimide Adhesive Tape similar to Kapton Tape

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Страна производитель: Россия
Фирма производитель: Yancheng Hengsheng Insulation Co., Ltd
Срок актуальности: до 19.04.2021


Polyimide Adhesive Tape
 1) Materials: Polyimide Film Single Side Coated with Acrylic/Silicone Adhesive.
 2) This kind of tape is made of polyimide material with Acrylic/Silicone adhesive,which shows excellent dielectric insulation properties,
 high heat resistant and is widely used for electrical insulation on motor, transformer, coils and so on.
 3) Color: Amber
 4) Thickness:0.06mm , 0.10mm
 5) Testing temperature: -70-180℃ 
 6) Tensile: ≥70Mpa
 7) Breakdown strength: ≥90 MV/m

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